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Monday – May 16, 2016

Vrse is the Future

Immersion storytellers live here.

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Friday – May 13, 2016

A platform to inspire ethical-entrepreneur minded people

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Saturday – May 7, 2016

The Windsors: behind the scenes of a right royal send-up

Check out the trailer. It’s pretty funny.

Categories Funny

Friday – April 22, 2016

Jason Bourne

Bourne trailer

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Wednesday – April 6, 2016

Creating patterns in Sketch

Creating patterns in Sketch

Categories Inspiration

Monday – April 4, 2016

React storyboard

New React storyboard feature

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Friday – March 18, 2016

Open Organization Book from Amazon

It’s a great book!

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Wednesday – March 2, 2016

Providing learners with feedback [PDF]

This is a really good article about providing feedback to learners.

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Tuesday – January 26, 2016

The Neurologist Who Hacked His Brain – And Almost Lost His Mind

Neurologist Phil Kennedy set out to build the ultimate brain-computer interface. In the process he almost lost his mind.

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