Sunday – June 19, 2016

On: Fantastic React tutorial

Finished this last week and it was excellent, one of the few tech tutorials that I was really motivated to get through.

On: Retto

Great looking site, Adi!

Friday – December 11, 2015

On: We’re on Product Hunt!

Yes! The latest version introduces those

Thursday – July 9, 2015

On: We’re on Product Hunt!

Thanks for the note! Just sent you an email

Saturday – March 21, 2015

On: Ford Europe’s Bullitt Scene on Vine

The cotton on the tires ....

Monday – January 5, 2015

On: Vimeo embed

Well worth a watch!

Sunday – December 14, 2014

On: In Seattle, a sinking feeling about a troubled tunnel

Wish it was a little longer and more thorough. Would be interesting to hear the complete story so far.

Thursday – December 4, 2014

On: Instagram embed

I just keep staring at this thing ... someday

On: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Meh, nevermind ... not a fan

On: Inspiring Video

Watched it again and again ...